Uryelle Lopez is a vibrant and skilled photographer specializing in fashion and beauty photography. Since 2007, Uryelle has honed her craft and has used her talents locally and globally, including Paris, Los Angeles and Mexico.

Uryelle is known for her precision with planning and executing shoots that produce a variety of styles from soft and delicate, to dark and moody, to edgy and unexpected. Her approach creates an environment that is tailored to the needs of her clients and is professional and fun.

Beyond photography, Uryelle is an experienced marketer, breakfast aficionado and dog-mama to her Havanese, Charlie.

The Story

Uryelle’s proclivity for capturing thoughts, emotions and moments began early in her childhood. Her version of playing with dolls involved setting them up in imaginary scenes like weddings and fashion shows, capturing them with her child-safe camera and convincing her parents to get the rolls of film printed at the drug store.

Uryelle’s tenacity for pursuing her passions extended into her formal education at the University of Alberta, where she completed her Bachelor of Design degree in Visual Communications Design. Through this degree, Uryelle rediscovered her love for photography and began freelancing. Her eye for creating impact through detail and capturing striking moments has garnered her success in model development, fashion editorial and corporate/commercial photography.

Today, Uryelle continues to combine her love of fashion, culture, beauty and art in her photography and is constantly growing her partnerships and clients through her refined and polished methodology. She has had the pleasure of working with innumerable clients and organizations including Westcorp Property Management Inc, Field Law, Government of Alberta and the University of Alberta.

Published in:

Found on boards for top modelling agencies including: 

Video: Caelin Moore

Model: Sasha Bilida

Agency: Numa Models, TWO Management

Stylist: Teaghan Whyte

Hair/Makeup: Bonnie Bentley-Royale

Photography: Uryelle Dimailig 

Special thanks to Prasann Patel and Blue Gemini Hair Studio